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The Chairperson shall:

  • In consultation with the President, Executive Director, or other board or committee members, schedule dates, times, and location for meetings.

  • Provide leadership & ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and that the committee complies with its goals and responsibilities in a timely manner.


 USPTA New England Committees

Each chairperson will form a working committee to help execute their yearly initiatives as set forth by the committee.


The Committees:

Committee Chairs serve during the current Presidents term, or until notified otherwise.


  • Membership                                                                                         Kristen Gerety

    • Mentor                                                                         Wilbur Shardlow

    • Women & Collegiate                                              Christy Bennett

    • Certification & Coach Developers                   Pam Dodman & Angelo Rosetti

    • High School Coaches                                           Wilbur Shardlow                        

  • Budget and Finance                                                                        Christy Bennett

  • Awards                                                                                                   Mike Hill & Milan Kubala

  • Conference, divisional                                                                     Milan Kubala                                           

  • Publications – newsletter                                                              Pam Dodman                                                      

  • Past Presidents                                                                                  Mike Kolendo            

  • Public relations/Communications                                             Gavin Glider & Mike Hill            



  • Conduct and develop a yearly plan of initiatives for the committee, and delegate responsibilities to those on the committee as best suited for each project. Update the board of directors on progress during meetings.

  • Each chair shall be required to file on a quarterly basis to the Executive Director and the Board, the following information: Progress on the yearly initiatives and this information shall be used in the quarterly newsletter.

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